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REVIEW: Speck Products FitFolio case for the Nexus 7

Speck FitFolio case for the Nexus 7

Are you looking for a folio case that will provide adequate protection to your Nexus 7, but not add too much bulk? Then consider the FitFolio by Speck Products. Speck is the first Nexus 7 case manufacturer that I have actually seen in a retail store.  The other day, while strolling through my local Walmart, I did see Speck cases on the shelf.  I did not see a case specifically for the Nexus 7, but since this is a fairly new product, hopefully it is just a matter of time before we see it in stores.  I also saw it listed on OfficeDepot’s website.

I am a member of several online communities and the Speck FitFolio is one of the cases that is mentioned as a must have case.  After using the FitFolio for the past week, I have to agree.  This case is constructed of a vegan leather cover, which is attached firmly to a plastic shell.  The cover does have a soft interior to protect the Nexus 7 from being scratched up.  Unlike other cases that use an elastic strap or a magnet in order to keep the case closed, the FitFolio has a plastic clasp that fits over the end of the plastic hard shell case.  I really like the clasp and how it makes the case easily opened and closed.

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[UNBOXING VIDEO] Speck Products FitFolio case

Here’s a look at the FitFolio for the Nexus 7 from Speck Products.  Keep an eye out for my written review later this week.


REVIEW: Blurex Ultra Slim Portfolio Case for the Nexus 7

I am always becoming aware of new cases for the Nexus 7. It’s good to know that case makers are embracing the Nexus 7, but I still feel that more manufacturers need to step up and make their products available for the most popular Android tablet on the market.

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[UNBOXING VIDEO] BLUREX Ultra Slim Folio Cover for the the Nexus 7

I received the BLUREX Ultra Slim Folio Cover last week and I finally had a chance to open the envelope and do an unboxing video.  Will the BLUREX replace my favorite case (the CASEEN DESIGNO)?  You’ll have to wait for my full review to find out!


The below review was originally written August 14, 2012. Additional notes will be posted at the conclusion.

Caseen SKINNY DESIGNO Case for the Nexus 7

When I pre-ordered my Nexus7 and saw the OEM case, I must admit that I hesitated at first.  I wasn’t really sure that that case was worth $20, but I wanted something to protect the N7 right away.  I wasn’t sure when other N7 cases would come to market, so I purchased the OEM case.

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