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DISCOUNT: Get 10% off of a Portenzo Case (2013 Edition Nexus 7)

Thank you to Cult of Android for tipping me off about this:


Until midnight tonight, you can get 10% off your order for a PORTENZO case for your NEW (2013 edition) Nexus 7 by using the coupon code: NEWNEX


This offer expires at midnight tonight.


Nexus 7 Rumors

When I created this site, I decided I really didn’t want it to be an Android/Nexus 7 news site.  There are already several of those.  Besides, I don’t have the man power of those other blogs to keep up on all the latest happenings.  Having said that, there have been some developments which just can’t be ignored by a Nexus 7 blog.

Since these “developments” have already been written about by the major Android/Nexus 7 news sites, I am just going to link to the articles.

I am very interested in your thoughts.  Please leave a comment.