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Google Play Daily Surprise

Each day between 12/17/2012 and 1/1/2013, Google will have a new surprise!


Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my faithful blog readers.  I intended to have a video comparing all the cases I’ve reviewed. My schedule has been a little busy and I haven’t even started on the video. It will have to wait until after New Year’s.  In the meantime, I wanted to draw your attention to something Google just started today on Google Play. Each day, between 12/17/2012 (that’s today!) and 01/01/2013, there will be a new surprise on Google Play.  Make sure you check back each day for a new surprise!


Merry Christmas and have a Happy and BLESSED New Year! 🙂



[UNBOXING VIDEO] BLUREX Ultra Slim Folio Cover for the the Nexus 7

I received the BLUREX Ultra Slim Folio Cover last week and I finally had a chance to open the envelope and do an unboxing video.  Will the BLUREX replace my favorite case (the CASEEN DESIGNO)?  You’ll have to wait for my full review to find out!

Not running Android 4.1.2? Here’s how to force an update

About your Nexus 7 tablet

This screen shows that my Nexus 7 has updated to Android 4.1.2

If your Nexus 7 has not updated to Android 4.1.2 on its own, here’s how you can force it to update:
FIRST!!!, charge your Nexus 7 and leave the USB cord plugged-in


  1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> All
  2. Find Google Services Framework.
  3. Tap on Force Stop.
  4. Select Clear Data.
  5. Head back to the Nexus 7’s Settings, go to About, and check for a System Update. (Note the date will be in the 60’s its okay)

If that does not work, you’ll have to repeat steps 1 – 5. You may have to repeat several times. I read about someone that had to repeat 10 times before it worked. I had to repeat a few times. I lost track of how many times, but it worked!

Have fun with 4.1.2!

Nexus 7 Rumors

When I created this site, I decided I really didn’t want it to be an Android/Nexus 7 news site.  There are already several of those.  Besides, I don’t have the man power of those other blogs to keep up on all the latest happenings.  Having said that, there have been some developments which just can’t be ignored by a Nexus 7 blog.

Since these “developments” have already been written about by the major Android/Nexus 7 news sites, I am just going to link to the articles.

I am very interested in your thoughts.  Please leave a comment.