Man-PACK: Not just a plain ordinary bag!

I will post photos and video later, I just wanted to get this posted ASAP, because the Kickstarter Campaign ends on Thursday.

When I got my Nexus 7 last year, I wanted to find a way to carry it with me out of the house.  There had to be a carrying bag out there that was suitable and masculine. Ladies have their purses. My wife can fit everything in her purse. I think Jimmy Hoffa is in there!  My wife is from Detroit. Hmmm… I wonder…. Okay, maybe not Jimmy Hoffa, but she can fit a lot in there, including her Kindle, which she takes everywhere.

I saw the Man-PACK via some advertising and thought that it would be just the thing I needed to transport my Nexus 7 and probably some other things.  I decided to pick one up.  Now before I go any further, those of you that have followed my other reviews know that I always give a full disclosure statement.  A majority of the Nexus 7 cases I have reviewed have been furnished to me by the manufacturer for the purpose of writing a review.  In this case (no pun intended), I did purchase the Man-PACK.  The creator of the Man-PACK, Aaron Tweedie, lives in my town. I met him in person and I purchased a Man-PACK from him.

The Man-PACK is a sling style pack and not a backpack. It can be worn on the back and also worn across your chest.  I didn’t want a messenger bag.  I wanted something comfortable to wear and not something that would get in my way.  The Man-PACK was the solution.  Check out the overview (from Man-PACK) in the video below.

The first week I had the Man-PACK I went to Six Flags America with my family.  I loaded the Man-PACK with a bottle of water, a few other items, and a change of clothes for the water park. Wearing the Man-PACK was much more convenient than wearing a backpack. I wore it everywhere with me, except for on rides.  I probably could have worn it across my chest on the rollercoasters and it probably would have been just fine.

When I’m not at amusement parks, I commute.  Every day, I bring my backpack and I have things stuffed in there. I use it (my backpack) to carry my lunch and anything else I need to transport back and forth each day. It is very bulky and I don’t really use all of the available space. Since obtaining my Man-PACK, I’ve been wearing it every day and I just carry my lunch bag separately. The Man-PACK is so much easier to handle. It is smaller than my backpack and I am able to keep it in a desk drawer at work.

Here is a breakdown of the Man-PACK:

The “sling” strap is fastened with Velcro, so you can easily unfasten and fasten the strap. You can also adjust the fitting by adjusting the strap.  The strap has a pocket that when the bag is being worn, comes across your chest.  The pocket has a flap with a magnetic fastener.  I’m guessing that this pocket was intended for a cell phone.  A small “dumbphone” may possibly fit, but it is not large enough to hold a smartphone. I tried fitting my P & S camera in there and it wouldn’t fit. I am just using it to hold business cards.

The main pocket is a zippered pocket and it does have a flap over the zippers. The flap is held in place with a magnetic clasp. I have my umbrella, a flashlight/charger combo thingy (charges a phone or tablet), a screwdriver, a tape measure, my camera. some aspirin and some other items in there.  I don’t always bring my Nexus 7 with me to work, but when I do, it fits in just fine. The Nexus 7 is in a Portenzo Book Case and fits right inside the main pocket and there is still room for other items.  Just this past week, I received a personal package I wanted to bring home with me.  I opened the box, dumped  the contents (Blu-Ray video and the flashlight/charger combo thingy) into the Man-PACK and I still had room for the umbrella.

There are smaller storage pockets inside the main pocket, but those pockets are not very deep. The inside pockets are deep enough to keep some change and folded up currency and that’s about it.  I do have my P & S camera in one of the larger inside pockets, but it keeps falling out.

On the outside, there is a pocket on the front, held closed with a flap and a magnetic clasp. Unfortunately, this pocket also is unable to hold my P & S camera. Next to this pocket are loops for keeping pens, pencils, or anything else of similar size and shape.

On the side of the Man-PACK is a foldable water bottle pocket.  I really like this feature. When you don’t have a bottle in the holder, just fold it up and Velcro shut!

On the rear of the Man-PACK is a zippered pocket. This pocket is suitable for storing items that you wish to keep close you your body.  When you wear the pack on your chest, then the pocket is easy to access. This pocket, like all the other pockets (other than the main pocket) is not very deep, but it does hold my camera.

I really enjoy using my Man-PACK.  Since I started using it at the beginning of the month I’ve been leaving my backpack at home.  My main use for the Man-PACK is to carry the Nexus 7.  My main use for the Nexus 7 outside of the house is to bring it to church and use the Bible app. 🙂

The main pocket is deep enough to carry many items in addition to the Nexus 7.  I suspect that a Nexus 10 could fit in there, but I don’t have a Nexus 10, so I couldn’t try it.  Be careful that you do not leave something in the pockets that you do not wish to be discovered if you ever ventured into a restricted area (government building, airport, etc…). I wouldn’t want the TSA to give you a close inspection. 🙂

I am disappointed that the other pockets are not deeper or wider. The designer is working on a newer version. Hopefully this newer version will have more space available in those secondary pockets.  The designer is also working on an “XL” version, which is designed to carry a laptop computer.

The Man-PACK can be ordered from the Man-PACK website.  As of this writing, there is a Kickstarter campaign for the new version, which if the campaign is met, will be available by Christmas.


Just as I was about to finish writing this posting, I was able to see some photos of the new Man-PACK, “Classic 2.0,” and I am pleased to report that from what I can see by the photos, my concerns about the size of the pockets have been corrected in this new version.  I’m adding the Classic 2.0 to my Christmas list and hopefully it will make an appearance under the tree. If that happens, then I’ll pass along my “Classic” to my son. 🙂

I should also point out that although the product is called the “Man-PACK”, the ladies really seem to like it. My wife likes it, but my daughters say that “It says ‘Man-PACK’, not ‘Girl-PACK’!!” Maybe this is why Aaron has decided not to draw so much attention to the name “Man-PACK” on the new version of the pack.