REVIEW: Speck Products FitFolio case for the Nexus 7

Speck FitFolio case for the Nexus 7

Are you looking for a folio case that will provide adequate protection to your Nexus 7, but not add too much bulk? Then consider the FitFolio by Speck Products. Speck is the first Nexus 7 case manufacturer that I have actually seen in a retail store.  The other day, while strolling through my local Walmart, I did see Speck cases on the shelf.  I did not see a case specifically for the Nexus 7, but since this is a fairly new product, hopefully it is just a matter of time before we see it in stores.  I also saw it listed on OfficeDepot’s website.

I am a member of several online communities and the Speck FitFolio is one of the cases that is mentioned as a must have case.  After using the FitFolio for the past week, I have to agree.  This case is constructed of a vegan leather cover, which is attached firmly to a plastic shell.  The cover does have a soft interior to protect the Nexus 7 from being scratched up.  Unlike other cases that use an elastic strap or a magnet in order to keep the case closed, the FitFolio has a plastic clasp that fits over the end of the plastic hard shell case.  I really like the clasp and how it makes the case easily opened and closed.

The Nexus 7 snaps firmly into the hard shell case.  There are cut-outs for all ports and buttons on the Nexus 7.  The wake/sleep button and the volume rocker are easy to access and operate.  The plastic case does not cover the bezel, so there is no interfering with the operation of the tablet and accessibility to swipe like on the Caseen DESIGNO. The Speck FitFolio does not add unnecessary bulk to the Nexus 7.  I was able to fit it into the back pocket of a pair of jeans and into my car’s map pocket.

The cover will flip around the back so that you can hold the case in portrait mode.  Unlike cases like the Caseen DESIGNO and the Blurex Ultra Slim, this case does not have a hand strap for you to hold the case while you’re in portrait mode or as I like to call it “reading mode” since this is likely how you’re holding it while reading, verses while watching a movie.  The cover secures around the back with the same plastic clasp that secures the case closed.  I actually like this better than the elastic strap.  It is easier to use the clasp and if you’ve seen my video of the Blurex Ultra Slim case, you have to release the elastic strap to close the case, which can get a little tiresome over time. The Speck FitFolio, like all of the cases I have reviewed, with the exception of the official ASUS Travel Cover, does support the “Auto-Wake/Sleep” function of the Nexus 7.

The cover of the FitFolio has four indentations on the inside flap, which allow the plastic hard shell to easily fit into four different viewing positions.  I feel that these indentations need to be a little deeper so that the case will rest in the indentation and not slip out. Unlike the Blurex Ultra Slim, you do not have to remove part of the Nexus 7 from the case in order to allow it to go into stand mode.  The case also does allow for a typing angle, however, if you do it the way that is shown on Speck’s website, the wake/sleep button and volume rockers are at the bottom of the case on the downward side and it is very difficult to access.  I found a way around this by folding the cover in the opposite direction, which allows for the wake/sleep button and volume rocker to be at the top and easier to access.  The only problem with this is that this method exposes the soft inside of the cover and the cover may pick up some dust or other debris and this could potentially scratch the glass of your Nexus 7.

The Speck FitFolio is a very good case and I suggest you pick one of these up to keep your Nexus 7 nice and warm this winter.

The Speck FitFolio is available in black, Coral Pink, and Harbor Blue from and some retail locations.

Speck Products FitFolio case for the Nexus 7

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Thank you to Speck Products for providing the case used for this review.


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  1. Laurent VIDU

    Hi, this fitfolio looks great. Many reviews claim that it is one of the best.

    I’m struggling to buy it but unfortunately, it is not available in France and even in e-shop like, they don’t ship this product abroad… Too bad.

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