REVIEW: Blurex Ultra Slim Portfolio Case for the Nexus 7

I am always becoming aware of new cases for the Nexus 7. It’s good to know that case makers are embracing the Nexus 7, but I still feel that more manufacturers need to step up and make their products available for the most popular Android tablet on the market.

In my quest to replace the Travel Cover by ASUS I found the Ultra Slim case by Blurex.  Blurex makes up for all the flaws in the Travel Cover.  The Blurex case is a “portfolio” style case, but much slimmer than the Caseen DESIGNO case.  The Ultra Slim does not add any thickness to the Nexus 7.  I will post a video to compare the Ultra Slim to the ASUS Travel Cover. I can easily fit the Blurex Ultra Slim into my back jeans pocket.  With the upcoming colder temperatures bringing on jacket wearing season, I’m sure it will very easy to put the Nexus 7 in a jacket pocket for portability. I went out for a drive, and the Nexus 7 in the Ultra Slim easily fit inside the map pocket on the driver’s door.

The Nexus 7 is held in the case by six claws.  Four claws for each corner and one each for the top and bottom of the tablet.  This does leave the sides of the Nexus 7 exposed and gives the Nexus 7 very minimal side protection. I’m not planning on dropping the Nexus 7, but if it should fall, I feel that it probably wouldn’t be a pretty sight.  I shook the case upside down with the cover open and the Nexus 7 did stay secure in the case.

Unlike the Travel Case, the Blurex does have a stand mode. In order to get into stand mode, you must pop the Nexus 7 out of the top left and the bottom left claws (if viewing in portrait mode). The stand mode has three different display angles. The first angle is good for sitting the Nexus 7 on a table and then allowing others in the room to view the screen.  The second angle seems best for just one person viewing and operating the Nexus 7. If you’re viewing a video, surfing the ‘Net, reading a book, or reading a recipe, then this is the angle for you.  You can also easily access and type on the virtual keyboard.  The final angle just brings the Nexus 7 a little lower for extensive typing.  I like the second angle and this is my primary viewing angle. When you’re done with the stand, just pop the Nexus 7 back into the claws and close the case.  The case is held closed by a clasp that fits right over the edge of the Nexus 7. Here’s the question I know you’re asking. Yes, the Ultra Slim does support the wake/sleep feature of the Nexus 7.  If you open the case, the Nexus 7 wakes up; Close the case and the tablet goes to sleep.  The ASUS Travel Cover does not support this feature.

The cover can be folded back behind the case and then held in place with an elastic band.  Folding the cover back behind the tablet does not put the tablet to sleep.  The back of the front flap has a hand strap.  Just slip your hand into the strap to securely hold the case while reading or catching up on the day’s news.  You’ll want to use the elastic band to secure the cover and so the tablet does not flop around. In the unboxing video I didn’t properly use the elastic strap and the strap covered the screen of the Nexus 7.  The video below shows the proper way of using the strap.  When used properly, the strap covers just the corners of the tablet and it uses the case clasp to hold the strap.  You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.  The back of the case does have holes by the speaker to allow the sound to be heard without being smothered.

I almost forgot to mention that there is a stylus loop on this case.  I have never been much for using a stylus.  Caseen did send me a stylus to review. I’ll get around to reviewing it one of these days.

In my post for the unboxing, I hinted at that this case could possibly replace my Caseen DESIGNO.  Well, yes, it has.  I like the Caseen a lot.  I feel that the Nexus 7 is a lot more secure in the Caseen.  I feel the Caseen gives more protection. I like bringing my Nexus 7 to church in a bag with Bibles and other church items and I feel very comfortable carrying the Nexus 7 in the DESIGNO.  The DESIGNO has what I feel are two major flaws and this is why I switched to the Ultra Slim.  The first flaw is that the display stand or “tent mode” is not very stable.  I am very concerned that the case will topple over when using the tent mode.  The other flaw would be that the DESIGNO covers the bezel of the Nexus 7 and makes it very difficult to swipe down from the top in order to open the Notification Tray or swipe up from the bottom to use Google Now.  I find this to be very annoying and even though I did initially recommend the Caseen DESIGNO, the increased availability of Nexus 7 cases would cause me to reconsider.  Caseen does now have a newer version of the DESIGNO called the “Caseen DESIGNO 360” and it is supposed to correct the swipe issue by having part of the case cut-out a little at the bottom and also opens up at the top of the case around the area of the camera. I have not used the DESIGNO 360, so I am unable to comment on any improvements. The Blurex does not suffer from these issues, so, yes, I have been using the Blurex as my everyday case.

The Blurex case is available on and comes in black and other colors.

Thank you Blurex for providing the case used for this review.


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