REVIEW: INCIPIO Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case

The Incipio Feather

Before becoming the owner of a Nexus 7, I really wasn’t exactly a connoisseur of device cases.  I want to protect my Nexus 7, but at the same time, I want to make it easy to access and use.  I’ve read many postings in the Nexus 7 community that say, “I hope Incipio makes a case for the Nexus 7.”  Well, I have in front of me Incipio’s first case for the Nexus 7, the Feather.

The Feather is available in black, grey, or pink, and is made of “high density Plextonium™.”  I have to admit that I had to Google “Plextonium,” because I had no idea what it was.  Plextonium is a very tough polycarbonate! There! Aren’t you glad you asked? 🙂  The Feather feels very tough and probably very difficult to break.  I have no desire to try.

The Feather has a very nice feel to it.  The way it feels is difficult to describe. It is smooth, but it won’t slip out of your hands.  The Nexus 7 fits very snugly inside the case.  There are cut-outs for all ports.  The open accessibility to the “Wake/Sleep switch” and the “Volume Up/Down rocker” is a huge improvement over the ASUS Travel Cover (click here for my review of the Travel Cover).

The Feather covers the back of the Nexus 7 and has a cut-out for the speaker grill. The sides are covered, however, the corners and bottom of the bezel are not fully protected.  The front of the Nexus 7 is open and to take care of this, Incipio does include a screen protector.   I do not want to put a screen protector on my Nexus 7, so I will not be able to make any comments with that regard.  The screen protector does come with a microfiber cloth to clean the screen of the Nexus 7 before you apply the protector and there is an application card to assist in the application of the protector. The Feather lacks protection for the screen if the Nexus 7 is placed face down.  Without the screen protector there would be no other protection for the front of the tablet.

The Feather does not allow the Nexus 7 to stand up in a “typing angle” and other viewing angles like other cases.  I also feel that when my Nexus 7 is in the Feather, it still needs the added protection of a slip case, like the Den.

There are really starting to be a good selection of choices of cases on the market for the Nexus 7.  Incipio makes some very high quality products.  If hard shell cases are your thing, then the Feather is what you want.  I on the other hand am hoping that Incipio’s other products, such as the Kickstand and the Kaddy make an appearance.

The Feather is $34.99 and is available online from Incipio’s website.

Plextonium is a registered Trademark of Incipio Technologies, Inc.

The OEM ASUS Nexus 7 Travel Case and the Incipio Feather

A comparison of the Nexus 7 Travel Case by ASUS (left) and the INCIPIO Feather (right)

The Nexus 7 in an INCIPIO Feather

The Nexus 7 making itself at home in an INCIPIO Feather

Thank you to Incipio for providing the case used for this review.


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