REVIEW: Travel cover for Nexus 7

When I purchased my Nexus 7 back on June 27th, I didn’t want my tablet to be unprotected, so I also ordered the (OEM) Travel cover for Nexus 7 by ASUS.  When my Nexus 7 arrived, I put it directly into the case.  The case appears to be made of TPU material. At the time of my order, the case was only available in “Dark Grey.” Other colors are now available.  There is a cover that has no way to securely fasten close. The cover just flaps around.  The cover also does not have a lining and it just rests on the screen of the Nexus 7.  I am concerned that over time that this could cause damage to the tablet’s screen.

Placing the Nexus 7 into the case is easily done.  You just place it in the case and then roll the edges of the case around the edge of the tablet for a very snug fit.  The case does not cover the bezel. This does allow for the full use of swipe controls, such as opening up the Notification Tray and access to Google Now.

The case does have cutouts for all ports, with the exception of the “Wake/Sleep” button and the “Volume Up/Down” rocker.  This makes it very difficult to press these buttons.  I had to press hard in order to get a response. The case back is very similar to the actual device. The case has a dimpled back and has the “NEXUS” and “ASUS” logos. The speaker cutout matches the exact location of the speaker on the tablet.

The case is nice for carrying the Nexus 7 around.  It does not add much weight to the tablet and it feels like you’re carrying a small paperback book.  I would be concerned with the sturdiness and the protective qualities of the case.  I went on vacation for a week and I made sure that when I packed the tablet within the case that I packed clothing around it to keep it safe.

I feel that due to the construction of the case with just the flap covering the screen, along with the difficulty operating the buttons, I cannot give this case a good recommendation   This case does not convert to a viewing/typing stand.  There are now many other solutions available and the $20 I spent on this case could go toward a better case.  This case doesn’t even take advantage of a special hidden feature.

Nexus 7 Travel Case

Nexus 7 Travel Case by ASUS

Nexus 7 tablet inside Travel Case



The case used for this review is owned by the reviewer.