Monthly Archives: September 2012

Welcome to Neal’s Unofficial Nexus 7 Blog

Hello, I’m Neal and welcome to my blog.  I’m the proud owner of a Google Nexus 7 Tablet by ASUS.

First a little introduction to my tablet experience.  Last August, like many other people, picked up an HP TouchPad during the fire sale. This was my first tablet experience. I liked the TouchPad a lot, but because of the uncertainty of the webOS platform, I was looking for something else.  The TouchPad is capable of running Android via CyanogenMod, so I decided to install it. I found that I was using Android more than I was using webOS. Since I was using Android, I wanted to go with a true Android device. I heard that Google was coming out with their own tablet and that it would possibly be available in July. I sold my TouchPad and placed my order for the Nexus 7 as soon as it was announced.

So, there’s the short version of how I became a Nexus 7 owner. 🙂

I decided to start a blog because I’ve been reviewing different case/cover options for the Nexus 7 and I wanted a place to post. This blog will be used to post my reviews and to spout random musings about my experience with the Nexus 7.